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Virtual One-on-One Leadership Coaching Sessions and Team Building Workshops are currently available.

If you're interested in discussing future in-person workshops, please contact me.  

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Coaching & Consulting

Take steps towards personal happiness at work

To kick off our partnership, we start with a 30-minute free consultation. Then, in the deep dive session we get clear on your professional and personal goals. From there, I design a customized series where we work in one-on-one sessions aligned with your highest priority. In each session, we explore underlying causes of stress, identify (and then work to remove) obstacles, and make a strategic plan to help you take meaningful action towards manifesting what you genuinely desire. Fun fact: 14% of people who set goals are 10 times more likely to be successful than those who don’t.

Create and improve customer relationships

Customer relationships fuel business. If you or your organization are in the beginning stages of establishing a new customer or are in need to stabilize an existing customer or account team, I can help. With over 20+ years’ experience in creative agencies, I have deep expertise in how to navigate Client Engagement and Services for marquee accounts with a hyper-focus on stabilization, retention, and growth. We can work together to identify goals for a particular customer, build a strategic plan to address pain points, and take action to achieve your greater vision. For more on my background and experience in this space, please visit me on LinkedIn or schedule time to connect.  

Create a happier team work environment

When teams are healthy and happy, productivity increases about 12%. Creating an environment for your team to communicate openly about obstacles, ideas, and co-creating a vision is a first step toward meeting or exceeding the teams’ goals. I build programs and workshops designed around current real-world challenges and provide tools to help your team navigate common scenarios with confidence.

Virtual Workshops for 2021:

  • Growth Mindset through Powerful Questioning

  • Working with Change and Uncertainty

  • Navigating High Stakes Conversations

  • Custom workshop content designed especially for your team


Programs: Custom designed for you, your team, and your business.

Consulting Services
Team Leadership Coaching
One on One
Leadership Coaching

Jacci guided me on a path to clarity, and I left our sessions feeling empowered. I gained the confidence to fearlessly take a bold new direction that resulted in a career shift. Now I can say I am experiencing a limitless career greater than I imagined.

Senior Engineer/UX Design, SIEMENS

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