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It's time to see more happy people at work

Hello, I'm Jacci Johnson, an ICF Certified Leadership Development Coach (PCC). Over the past 20+ years working in the Marketing and Creative industry, I experienced a great sense of joy, fulfillment, and success. And also feelings of unworthiness, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, burnout, and fear.

During those low points, it was easy to point the finger at external factors - heavy workloads, back-to-back meetings, resource gaps, personality conflicts, and loss of business. Personally, I had to balance the sudden death of a close family member, heartbreak, depression, and most recently, the global pandemic. 


At times, I felt trapped and couldn’t see a way though. The weight of other’s expectations, criticism, and behaviors felt unavoidable, heavy, and consuming. Through it all, I made a choice to show up fully, as the real me. This became my pathway to freedom.

What I’ve learned is how I choose to show up always has an affect on my experiences, and influences those around me. Since awakening to this reality, I feel more empowered, am taking greater risks, and experiencing real, positive and sustainable changes in work and life.

The power of this awakening has super-charged my mission to coach leaders who are ready to step into more of who they really are. I want everyone to experience a deeper satisfaction, meaning and joy in their work and life. No matter what your current context is (feeling creatively stifled, a toxic work environment, being overlooked for that promotion, etc.) there is a way through!

Choosing to show up as the real me became my pathway to freedom.

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"Working with Jacci has been essential in my survival and success in the corporate world. Often times I come across challenging situations with peers and executives. Jacci's ability to provide the right tools to help me communicate effectively and with professionalism has been key to my growth and success.


She really gets to the heart of every situation and listens to what my roadblocks may be, so that I don't repeat the same detrimental activities I have in the past. 


I have found that by using the tools Jacci has given me enables me to not only communicate more effectively, but more efficiently. I am experiencing an improvement in my communication style, and I see the positive influence this has on those around me."

Director, QUALCOMM

"I hired Jacci as my coach when I was at a crossroads in my career and feeling stuck. During our partnership, I spent raw and honest energy spilling my career ups and downs, and exploring new directions. In the process, I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted personally and professionally.


Jacci guided me on a path to clarity, and I left our sessions feeling empowered. I gained the confidence to fearlessly take a bold new direction that resulted in a career shift. Now I can say I am experiencing a limitless career greater than I imagined.


She is supportive, creative, insightful, a strong listener, tuned into the heart and mind, and has a passion for her clients' outcomes. If you’re looking to level up, I recommend working with her."

Senior Engineer/UX Design, SIEMENS

"Jacci has coached me on and off over many years during key times of transition in my work and life. Her expertise and knowledge have brought clarity to the issues I faced. Her calming and gentle nature are incredibly grounding. The insights have been invaluable to me, and have helped me gain the confidence to implement changes that have resulted in greater happiness and success in life and business. I highly commend her services."

Business Owner, HEALTHCARE